NAJIT/Discourse Signup

Please use the form below to request an invitation to join NAJIT's Discourse discussion site. We will use your email address to verify that your NAJIT membership is active, and then email you a link pointing you to NAJIT's Discourse user registration page.

Please note...

This is a pilot project. NAJIT is testing Discourse to determine whether to adopt it as our online discussion platform. When you participate in this project, besides adhering to the customary and conventional terms and conditions (don't do anything illegal or abusive), you should also be aware of the following points:

  • This Discourse site is for current NAJIT members only.
  • If and when NAJIT launches its official Discourse site, we do not yet know whether the user accounts and data will be migrated from the pilot. Whatever you post during the pilot phase might not be preserved, and you might have to create your user account again.
  • The email address you use to register for Discourse must be the same as in your NAJIT membership record. That's because we use it to identify you as a NAJIT member.